Message from the CEO

Founded in 2019, Gulf Services Company for Maintenance & Cleaning is a proud representative for P-Laser in GCC Countries. P-Laser develops and Produces the most innovative industrial laser cleaning equipment for manual and automated use.

Laser cleaning is a sustainable technology that is safer, greener, more efficient of conventional cleaning methods. It has been proven to be the most
environmentally friendly of all cleaning techniques. As laser cleaning does not use any chemical solvents or other kind of consumables. It is clean, dry, no noise, controllable, low operational cost, almost no secondary waste.

In alignment with the Saudi’s vision 2030 and the global trend reducing pollution, laser cleaning is a perfect initiative offers the most environmentally friendly “solution” available, contributes in minimizing environmental impact and reducing waste. Join us “to Be a part of the solution not part of the pollution”.

Thank you.

Khalid Almzel
Founder – CEO
Gulf Services Company for Maintenance & Cleaning